Massive Branding Vector by Zixyon

 Massive Branding
by Zixyon

Adobe Illustrator
updatedwell well where to start ?i was thinking to make a logo for my self and at last i did but it came with alot of stuff as you can see its massive branding, it has from business card tell the grave to milk to keychains to skateboard to … etcit took me about 3 days, 2 days daylight work and 1 day over night, there might be updates.everything is free to usesome of these are taken from Deviantart (didnt post link coz i forget where i got them from) either from the resource or as in ideas but most of it is by me, the sizes are not all actualy but some areif there is anyone who find something he did in this file and dont want it then plz contact me and ill remove it
License:Attribution (Creative Commons)


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